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Orgasm, libido, masturbation, couple,  Escorts In Electronic City sexuality and pregnancy. Gynecologists and obstetricians respond without taboo to the questions that we can ask about sexuality in a new educational book, “Questions sexy”. Among the topics discussed sexual breakdowns. Here are some tips to regain pleasure and keep a libido on top.

To thrive sexually, it is urgent to slow down. For lack of fatigue, over-activity, celibacy or the consumption of medication, the physical or psychological conditions are not the most favorable to experience pleasure.

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First, it is helpful to know your body and your reactions. By masturbation, boys tend to become familiar with girls earlier than girls. Some therapies propose to practice the art of the touch without aiming directly at the erogenous zones. Thus, the five senses can awaken to wider stimulations. Orgasm should not be an end in itself, say the therapists.

Secondly, Escorts in Bangalore return to focus on the present moment to stay connected to his sensations and various stimuli. Often, attention is devoted to fear of judgment or giving pleasure to others. Specialists urge you to make others aware of your desire for the moment – to change position, for example – to exacerbate the pleasure.

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Third, place the variety of rhythms in the sexual dance. Breathing, muscle tone; movement rates are all parameters that can be used to increase excitement. “In a body too lax or too rigid, sexual tension cannot unfold and grow,” said the book’s authors. Taking time by slowing down the movements makes it possible to integrate everything that is part of the sexual act: emotions, images, feelings of love, kisses, looks, caresses, self-confidence, etc.

If it is difficult to abandon oneself to one’s partner or to allow one pleasure for physical, psychological or emotional reasons, it may be useful to consult a specialist (general practitioner, psychologist, midwife, etc.).

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Kama Sutra – the escorts In Electronic City

Designed for two of you and Independent escorts in Electronic City this lousy game introduces participants to the art of love as described in the Kama Sutra, a treatise on Indian love. A book, a deck of cards and an illustrated dice, make it possible to discover two of the secret pleasures while leaving the task of guiding your learning at random, filled with surprises.

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As the name suggests, bring de gazetteCouples invites participants to discuss more or less daring topics. It allows couples to discover, or to rediscover themselves, through questions that ask to talk about oneself, their tastes, their fantasies, and love. Play two or more at a naughty party.

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This is a game that will awaken your five senses. Feelings offered by Call girls in Electronic City have a range of accessories, including a vibrator, as well as cards that offer both participants to take on naughty challenges. Challenges cause players to reveal their fantasies. You can even extend the pleasure for a few days.

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A game to play all year and that will spice up your daily life. The package includes 26 scratch cards for her, and as much for him. Each card invites the two accomplices to spend a bad night a week. Scratch on Sunday and take the challenge when the time is right. In addition to the anticipation of the intimate moment, the game 52 weeks of naughty nights help spice up the life of a couple. (English only)

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Nirvana is a game that offers participants to reveal their preferences, their fantasies, and their little secrets. It provides four sections (soft, erotic, naughty and hot) that will push you to push your limits, without any obligation. The player moves forward with a die and is asked to execute the requests written on the boxes or cards provided. At any time, the player may refuse to comply, if he is uncomfortable. Play two or more.

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A place to the imagination

You have a fertile imagination. Nothing prevents you from turning a traditional game into a naughty experience, just for fun. Here are some suggestions.

Snakes and ladders: this game, well known, can take a turn more erotic. For two or more participants must wear six different clothes, and have some additional ones on hand. Whenever a player slips on a snake, he removes a garment. But he adds one if he climbs a ladder. The game ends when a player reaches the “sky” without being naked. You can find all these details online provided by Escort services in Electronic City.