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Escort services sometimes say Escorts in Ulsoor that men think too often with what hangs between their legs. If this is true for some men, this is not the case for the majority of men. In any case, we hope. The man is not reduced only to his penis. Anyway, most men are unanimous: if a girl does them one or more of these ten things with their manly member, they will be ecstatic!

  1. When she enters his hand quietly in our pants while we are in public.  The tension of not getting caught makes us all excited.
  2. When the Ulsoor escorts give him a name, then it is good. It’s true that it’s cliché, but at the same time, it’s as if it was appropriate!  
  3. When she takes it and strokes it on her breasts, we are in paradise!
  4. When escorts in Bangalore it tight enough when she masturbates us. Some women do not hold our penis strong enough (we feel nothing) or just too loud (we have pain). When she finds the ideal “pressure”, it’s sick!
  5. The independent escorts in Ulsoor rub her buttocks on our precious while we are dressed. The most exciting preliminary in the world!
  6. When she walks her tongue around our penis gently, and she looks in our eyes.  We do not know what we like most: the pleasant sensation or his luxurious look.
  7. When she gently raises her tongue from the base of our penis upwards because there are not just the glans in life!
  8. When she puts ice cream in her mouth and puts our penis in her mouth, the sensation of hot and cold is incredible.
  9. When she turns around the pot
  10. Sometimes, the best way to excite us is not to touch him!
  11. When she makes us cum with her mouth or her hands after a particularly intense sex session. It’s the apotheosis!

It is very fashionable. You have undoubtedly heard about “slow sex”, this way of making love that focuses on the slowness of the act of love.

Do you want to try? Here are seven tips that could make your job easier.

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  1. Accept slowness

Before you start, it’s important to understand how “slow sex” can be erotic. This technique is the opposite of the famous “quicky” that favors the drive and fast orgasm. Here we will instead emphasize the rediscovery of desire by playing with his senses and sensations. Take your time. The pleasure will only be increased tenfold.

  1. Create the climate

The “slow sex” is ideally practiced when you have time to do it, to settle comfortably, especially not in a hurry. Take a bath before for example, not a shower. Know how to create a soothing atmosphere with incense, little light, soft music, even meditative. The first time, the “slow sex” can be disturbing, it is a sexuality that goes against the current of what one generally practices, namely an immediate satisfaction of its desires. Know how to accept this new love paradigm.

  1. Speak

Speech is also critical in “slow sex”. To be attentive to the desire of the other is to listen to it, it is to understand what does it the best. So during the massage, do not hesitate to ask your partner when he feels the most sensation, where your fingers give him the most pleasure.

  1. Watching yourself

Many “slow sex” followers start by simply looking at each other. Lying down or sitting face to face, they say soft words and take the time to look at each other, to smile at each other. Everything starts with the look.

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  1. Slow is not bored

Do not confuse taking time with the boredom that it could generate. The call girls in Ulsoor can be naughty, dare some preliminaries while being in a mode of absolute slowness, but sometimes you will break the pace with something faster.

  1. Long massages

Massages are at the center of “slow sex”. Do not neglect them, and they are an essential step in the construction of pleasure. Take the time to massage each your turn at length (minimum 30 minutes) and no pressure on your technical level of massage; it is above all to be in contact with the body of your partner, with his skin, his erogenous zones. The message will often be more a game of caresses, and that’s fine.

  1. Orgasm is no longer the ultimate goal

If achieving orgasm is synonymous for many “successful” acts of love, this vision is different with “slow sex”. Indeed, if the orgasm is the destination, the “slow sex” is much more interested in the trip, the paths that achieve this goal. Pleasure is not limited to the final rattle and spasm of two bodies, but to all the sensuality that can be had before.